Pre-Fab Metal Buildings

Pre-Fab Metal Buildings

A & A Engineering has been in involved in the pre-fab metal building industry (cold-formed light-gauge metal tube buildings) since 2002 and has worked closely with many manufacturers in developing designs and standards for such buildings. Typical building sizes range from 12ft wide to 30ft wide, but much larger buildings have also been successfully designed and constructed using the same materials.

Typical Open Regular Building

Typical Enclosed A-frame Building

Typical Truss Frame Building

Typical Lean-to Building

Typical Barn Style Building

To ensure optimal usage of materials, A & A Engineering carried out an exhaustive study of all possible building sizes and configurations through automated computer model generation, analysis and design code checks, and prepared design tables based on these results. These were then used to create generic drawings that could be used by the manufacturers to construct buildings of any size or configuration.

Sample Generic Drawing

Additionally, in order to improve the quality of design drawings, A & A Engineering along with its sister company, A & A Software Development, developed MBDesign® software that enables a user to create design drawings for buildings of any size or configuration based on user input.

MBDesign® Interface

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